Housefox Studios is a professional recording & rehearsal studio based in Brookvale on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.

Run by a team of producers & engineers who are also actively writing and touring musicians, we not only have the technical know-how of studio engineering, but really have a great understanding of the whole songwriting process, how to create that certain emotion or feeling within a song and how to capture it in a performance. We have put a massive emphasis in creating a space that not only sounds amazing with all the bells and whistles, but provides artists with a comfortable, relaxing & inspiring environment to create.

Our studio consists of three large live rooms stemming from our main control room. With up to 32 channels of simultaneous tracking capability, eight separate headphone mixes and a tonne of great high end gear. We are more than capable of running anything from a single mic' on a ukulele through to large live recording sessions with all the necessary isolation between instruments and comfort for all players.

It's our mission to capture you at your best, and we love what we do!

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