Housefox Rehearsal & Recording Studios Introduces “The Hemi Room”

Here at Housefox Rehearsal & Recording Studios on Sydney’s Northern Beaches we are all about improvement and providing the best possible facilities we can at affordable rates – that’s why we have built an all new rehearsal studio!

Our new studio, “The Hemi Room”, is a rehearsal dedicated studio.  Unlike “The Boosh Room” and “The Rollins Room”, which both come with 12 track recording at every rehearsal, “The Hemi Room” is just strait up jammin’. We have done this to provide the super high level of quality rehearsal space we have become well known for whilst being able to keep the costs down for the bands that are just out to jam and not so interested in recording, or simply just want to hire the recording studios on occasion.

Lets take a walk through “The Hemi Room” shall we!

Once again, we have set this room up to the high level of quality Housefox Studios have become known for. This room has been fitted with acoustic treatment to ensure that when the bands are turned all the way to 11, everyone can still hear definition within the music being played. Vocals and guitars won’t get lost in the mix and there is no need to push the hell out of your amp or voice to have presence in this room.

The PA set up is quality all the way.  We have 2 x QSC K12 speakers being run by a Soundcraft EFX8 Mixer.  There’s also 2 x Shure SM58’s, 1 x SM57 and 2 x Rode M1 Microphones. The room also comes with a bar fridge to keep all your drinks cold and close by while rehearsing and guitar hangers in the corner of the rooms for your convenience.

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