Housefox Studios – Recording The Iron Horses

The Iron Horses are a super tight rock ‘n’ roll outfit with catchy vocal harmonies, warm, jangly and smooth guitar tones and lyrics that draw you in leaving you wanting more and more…

We had the fellas in at Housefox Studios to record their debut EP “Stop To Start” and it came out a doozie!

A great recording starts with solid drums and this was the fantastic foundation “Stop To Start” kicked off with. We set the drummer, Pete, up with our Pearl Master’s kit and a Mapex Black Panther snare, ran a click through to his cans and we were off and running. We found the sweet spot with the overheads around 5-6 feet up in X/Y pattern centered over the kit and a pretty wide set up for the room mics, recording the drums with 421’s, 57’s, Audex, AKG and Neumann’s.

Pretty typical guitar set up with 57’s and 421’s on the Vox amps with the AKG D12VR and Rode K2 on the bass rig. On vocals we had a Neumann TLM 102 running for all main vocals and harmonies.

The guys laid down their parts incredibly well; drums and guitars were a breeze to get through and we were all pretty chuffed with the tones we pulled. Having worked through all the instrumentation so comfortably this allowed us a good amount of time to play with harmonies, which I think is one of the real slices of magic within the EP, with the track “Any Other Way” taking full advantage of this talent.

Check out the video clip they put together and shot by their good pal James Whaler. This is a band to keeping an eye on!

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